For immediate release

All my life I dreamed of being a doctor, and as I get a bit older and a bit wiser I always reflect on what that means to me. Medicine is about the delicate balance of honouring tradition, but pioneering ideas. Tradition is not simply a collection of rituals accrued through time, but about a vision of what one can do at their particular moment in history. There are many traditions in medicine, some traditions honour the therapeutic alliance, while others honour the privilege of power in society. One of the most pronounced traditions is the authorship of a first book and with it a vision for change. This is my first book entitled – The Interpretation of Diseased Dreams: An introduction to the psychology of Delirium (SpyMaster Publications, 2016).
Previous to this book, there was only one other book of its kind and it was written by Prof. J Allan Hobson at Harvard medical school. Prof. Hobson has been generous enough to say of my book:
‘Delirium has finally gotten the attention it deserves. FitzGerald’s book is an original and solid contribution to the new psychodynamic neurology’.
The digital copy of this book is made available for free on the suggestion that you contribute something to one of Ireland’s mental health charities (preferably one that is not being investigated for fraud) e.g., Mental health Reform, The Samaritans or Alone.

The hard copy of the book can be ordered on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy!

James M. FitzGerald